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Today @ Penthouse
Pic of the Day

Gordijnensteeg, at the main Red Light District

Gordijnensteeg2The Gordijnensteeg, (en=’Curtainalley’) with 8 windows at only one site, is between the Bloedstraat and the Monnikenstraat. At the other site of the street a new appartmentbuilding is build (± 2008) and people lives there, in between ‘the ladies behind glass’.

There are a few windows here with transsexuals and a few windows with girls. Transsexuals can be reconised by the blue light tubes in the room (blacklight). Most of the transsexuals shows their ‘toy’ to you in the window, the group is called “pre-op transsexuals” (pre-operated), they still have their ‘boy-toy’ at them and most of them can be active during the sex.
At the Bloedstraat you’ll find more transsexuals like this.

It’s not my cup of thea but if you like it, enjoy it!