St. Annendwarsstraat

The St. Annendwarsstraat (en=’Saint Annen cross-wise street’),  is a street in the small main district between the St. Annenstraat and the Oudekerksplein.

The app. 10 windows here at one sides and filled with girls from all ages and ethnicity.
In the St. Annendwarstraat, cornered with the St. Annenstraat, is a smartshop ´Smartzone´.
There is also a huge videocabin & sexshop called ‘Sexyland’.
It’s nice to walk at the small district with his small alleys!

This crossway in the small part of the main district has 5 small streets (alleys) filled with girls.
If you walk on, coming from the St. Annenstraat, you walk to the Oudekerksplein, also filled with girls.
Most of the girls here are from South America. If you leave the St. Annendwarsstraat and turn right you will go to the huge part of the main district. Just cross the bridge over the Oudezijds voorburgwal and you can enter the Oudekennissteeg to reach the Oudezijds Achterburgwal with all his shows, girls, take-aways & bars.