Oude Nieuwstraat

The Oude Nieuwstraat (en= Old Newstreet) is the main attraction of the Singel District. This street is between the Korte Korsjespoortsteeg and the Lijnbaanssteeg (it runs paralell with the Singel and the Spuistraat). At the Lijnbaanssteeg is a snackbar, small restaurant, a butchershop, a tobaccoshop, a clothingstore and a dry-cleanershop. At the corner of the Lijnbaanssteeg and the Spuistraat is a touristshop and a small coffeestop (no coffeeshop!)

At the Oude Nieuwstraat and Lijnbaanssteeg you can walk safely because there is no traffic allowed.

The app. 22 windows at the Oude Nieuwstraat will stay open, the major and elderman, who made the ‘1012-regulation‘, are convinced now there is no underlying criminality here and no money-laundring.

In this street is a variaty of working-girls from young to old and of all ethnicity.
The workinggirls are very friendly here, you can have a little talk with them, even without ‘being serviced’!
This district stay’s open all night but the number of girls will reduce as the clock ticks on.