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At ‘De Pijp’, a quater at the centre/south part of Amsterdam,  is a small sexworkers-spot called the ‘Ruysdaelkade’. (Slang for ‘De Pijp’ is ‘Slurp or Blow).
Here you can see app. 40 windows, open all day & night.
They are located in between the houses of the locals.
At the apartments above the windows locals live and sleep.

Quater ‘De Pijp’ used to be a workers-area with small houses and appartments,
now-a-days most of them are renovated or rebuild and the yuppys and students live in this area.

The Pijparea is famous because of the amount of brown-cafe’s, student-bars, restaurants with all kind of international menu’s and the cozy atmosphere. 
At daytime you can visit the famous Albert Cuypmarket, the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Van Goghmuseum or an other touristic attraction in this neighbourhood.

It’s easy to get here by public transport or just minutes walk from the ‘Leidseplein’.

The Red-lighted windows are at the ‘Ruysdaelkade’ between the ‘Albert Cuypstraat’ and the ‘1e Jan Steenstraat’ and several more between the ‘Ceintuurbaan’ and the ‘Van Ostadestraat’ .
In the ‘Van Ostadestraat’ there are 4 more windows, just meters away from the Ruysdaelkade.

The Ruysdaelkade is a canal with different names; At one side it’s called Ruysdealkade, at the other side ‘Hobbemakade’.
The Rijksmuseum is cornered with the ‘Hobbemakade’ and the ‘Stadhouderskade’.
The RLD-rooms can be regonized at the pentice above the windows and/or entrances.

If you want to travel by public transport; Tram 16 & 24 (from Central Station) will bring you here. Stop = Ruysdaelstraat and then walk along with the raildirection, at your right you’ll see the rooms, just over the bridge of the canal ‘Boerenwetering’ (Hobbemakade/Ruysdaelkade).

A printable map can be found at ‘Maps of the Districts’-page.